What are the goals of STAt HOme Health?

Our goals are to provide the highest quality home health care.  How we meet that goal is determined in many ways.  Through participation and collaboration from the client, family, Physician and any other relevant parties we develop a care plan that is specific to your needs.

Can you provide care for clients living with dementia?

Yes!  Safe and compassionate memory care is a service that we provide.  We work to support and maintain independence in the home with safety as a priority, and supplement memory care to clients who are living in care facilities.  

Is there a minimum visit time?

Yes, standard to the industry there is a 3 hour minimum per visit.  This is to ensure high quality and thorough care as well as establish therapeutic relationships.  Please contact us to discuss any alternatives.


Simply give us a call (289 687-STAT), email info@stathomehealth.ca, send us a Facebook message or complete the contact form and we will be in touch.  A complimentary in-home assessment (or hospital, and other location) is provided.  

Do you provide care overnight?

Yes!  Overnight care is one of the most common ways to deliver care.  Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.  We can provide full 24 hour care, or supplement other services in the home.  If our client is sleeping, we can complete chores in the home, or sit bedside with them to be readily available for immediate care when needed.

Can you take my loved one to an appointment?

Absolutely!  Not only can we take them, but we can accompany them into the appointment to ensure safety with mobilization, but also to help collaborate with the Doctor and provide loved ones with the details of the appointment.  We can also simply wait patiently while your loved one attends the appointment in private.  We can also attend shopping appointments or grab your list and do your shopping for you.